Available on iPhone and iPad!
Be master in multitasking

Take the challenge! Compete with your friends in multitasking! Lead the team of the best-skilled superheroes from all around the world!

About the game
Easy to learn, difficult to master

6 games, 6 places to visit, 6 different characters! The game is pure evil! Challenge yourself and check if you are able to keep your focus on many games at once! Are you ready?

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How to play?

  • Asia

    Stay on the platform! Tilt your iPad to balance.

  • North America

    Avoid the rocks! Swipe to move the character.

  • Antarctica

    Avoid the holes in the floe! Tap the screen to jump.

  • Europe

    Eat the apples on time! Tap an apple to eat it.

  • South America

    Avoid the darts! Swipe to move up/down on the liane.

  • Oceania

    Eat the fish! Rotate the character to align with fish’s direction.

About the team
A few words from authors

We are a team of people who want to create the most extraordinary games in the world!

  • Kyle Kinkade Game Designer, Publisher

    Founder of Monocle Society, developer and game designer. Creator of Tap Tap Revenge, Goldieblox and many more games and apps. Huge fan of Muppets, Arcade and Board games. Lives in Seattle, Washington.

    FB | Twitter | LinkedIn

  • Piotr Szwach Project Lead, Developer and Artist

    A man of all things. Developer, Project Lead, Designer, Graphic Artist and even Music Composer! Privately visionary and traveler! Piotr’s biggest dream is to work with Hans Zimmer!

    FB | Twitter | LinkedIn

  • Wojciech Roszkowiak Project Lead and Developer

    Truly passionate Developer, Project Lead and Interface Designer. Chess & games lover. Best story teller on this planet! In the meantime he likes to take death’s face ;).

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  • Andżelika Toczek Marketing

    20 years old Marketing Wizard. She started her magical journey with marketing when she was just 16! She loves criminal books and calligraphy.

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